How to reset a Full-Server Failover job to failover after a failed failover attempt


When failing over a Full Server job, the failover process may not complete. Leaving the job status as, ‘failover failed’.

This answer describes how to reset the job status in order to attempt another failover once the failover issue has been corrected. These steps also apply if the failover monitor has been removed (leaving the failover bottom grayed out) and the server needs to be failed over.

**Using the FCC to failover as in 5.2.x will not work in 5.3.x


Actions Taken:


  1. Close the Double-Take Console and stop the Double-Take Management Service on the target.
  2. Open job .xml file in notepad. Location: …\Vision Solutions\Double-Take\Service\Data\…
  3. Change the job state to “DoubleTake.FullServer.Service.Jobs.States.JobStateStopped”<JobPersistedState>
    <FilesAndFoldersPersistedState xmlns:d3p1=” ” i:nil=”true” />
    <FullServerPersistedState xmlns:d3p1=”DoubleTake.Jobs.Contract.FullServer”>
    <d3p1:BackupConnectionPersistedState i:nil=”true” />
    <d3p1:BackupTargetState i:nil=”true” />
    <d3p1:FailoverOptions i:nil=”true” />
    <SourceAddress i:nil=”true” />
    <d3p1:State>DoubleTake.FullServer.Service.Jobs.States.>JobStateProtecting </d3p1:State>
    <d3p1:SystemVolumeRevertPersistedState i:nil=”true” />
  4. Start the Double-Take Management service and Open the Double-Take Management console to failover.